Coherent policy for development

Coherence in development policy means to focus on the integral human development which comprises social and economic components. The financial and economic crises of the past years as well as the hunger and climate crisis threaten this development because they violate fundamental rights of the poor. The causes of the crises, but the effects as well are related to one another, and this ought to be taken in account in order to find solutions. The adaptation to climate change for example and a recovery from the economic slump will not ensure sustainable food and energy supplies or the maintenance of social peace if no attention is paid to a healthy rural development, a careful use of natural resources, and to the social security of those affected. As regards coherence, the Justice and Peace Commission is asked to explain the interrelationships and dependencies in the human family in politics and the public sphere. Therefore it is necessary to build bridges between societies in different geographic, climatic and cultural contexts of the world which are brought closer together through markets, transboundary natural resources, global goods etc. These links are appropriately and adequately exposed in position statements, events and publications.

The Joint Conference Church and Development (GKKE) ensures the institutional “monitoring“ of a coherent policy for development in Germany. The GKKE’s coherence expert group publishes reports in which it critically assesses the development policy of the Federal Government and Parliament and their efforts to implement the millennium development goals. 

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