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Creating a Network

Effective social and political commitment requires co-operation. With regard to Justice and Peace, Gemeinsame Konferenz Kirche und Entwicklung GKKE (Joint Conference Church and Development) is of special importance. This Conference embraces a co-operation of two organ isations: Justice and Peace and EED (Church Development Service - an Association of the Protestant Churches in Germany). Since 1973, GKKE has been representing the two major Churches in Germany to government, parliament, Political parties and society speaking with one common voice which wants the interests of the One World to become a central issue in German politics. Throughout the seventies, and once again in the nineties, GKKE launched 'Ecumenical Dialogue Programmes' of several years' duration, which aimed at establishing a dialogue with the political world and the public on the manifold aspects of the International Social lssue. Moreover, on a national scale, the German Commission for Justice and Peace is involved in different networks of non-governmental organisations, for instance in Verband entwicklungspolitischer Nichtregierungsorganisationen/VENRO (Association of NGOs for Development Policy) and in Forum Menschenrechte (Association of NGOs acting for Human Rights/Human Rights Forum). On a world-wide scale, co-operation is primarily practised among the commissions for Justice and Peace. Many bishops' conferences or religious orders all over the world have established such commissions. Thus the German Commission is part of a loose international network of independent commissions. A particularly close co-operation has been set up among the European commissions which are joined together in the European Conference Justice and Peace.