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JP Newsletter “News in brief”

The newsletter or JP information services “News in brief” provides information on the work of the German Commission for Justice and Peace and is published at irregular intervals up to three times a year. It summarizes the most important facts on events, developments and new challenges.

For an email subscription of the JP Newsletter “News in brief”, please contact: justitia-et-pax@dbk.de

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.03.2017

    Newsletter Issue 31

    The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, the human right to health at the spring meeting of the Commission ... Workshop in Colombia ... Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) ... Human rights under pressure, JP Congress ... Rightwing populism and the Churches ... 25 years of the GKKE pharma dialogue ... Word of thanks from the Federal President to experts in the peace and development service ... 50 years of Justice and Peace (324 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.11.2016

    Newsletter Issue 30

    Rightwing populism, European dialogue and White Paper 2016 ... European Workshop in Bosnia-Herzegovina ... Religious freedom in Vietnam ... SDG Video competition ... Decent work in the Agenda 2030 - international ... Cooperation with PRAYAS and Südwind e.V. ... New Dicastery for Development ... Justice and Peace Europe on fair taxation ... 25 years GKKE pharmadialogue ... Consultation process “The future of arms export control” (517 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.04.2016

    Newsletter Issue 29

    Spring meeting of the JP-Commission on the Agenda 2030... MDP annual meeting on Laudato si and Agenda 2030... White Paper Federal Armed Forces... Statement on the fight against IS... International agrarian dialogue on EU policy... Justice and Peace Europe, Concerted Action 2016...Bishop Ackermann’s trip to the United States and UN Side Event...GKKE-EDP to strengthen health infrastructure in Tanzania (458 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.07.2015

    Newsletter Issue 28

    Laudato Si ... Blasphemy and Criminal Law ... International Responsibility to Protect ... German-Colombian Workshop ... Decent Work Talks with members of the European Parliament and COMECE ... Workshop on Food Sovereignty ... GKKE-Coherence report on Food Standards ... Forum for Dialogue on Arms Exports ... Cultural traditions and human rights, Conference and EDP in Lusaka (279 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.02.2015

    Newsletter Issue 27

    Migrants and refugees ... EDP in the textile industry ... Ackermann meets Dr Uwe Mazura ... EU Dialogue on agrarian issues with partners from RSA, Zambia and Uganda ... Economy and human rights, national plan of action ... Human rights and traditional values ... 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall ... Workshop for staff officers Auschwitz/ Oswiecim ... Civilian crisis prevention ... GKKE Statement (380 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.10.2014

    Newsletter Issue 26

    Constituent meeting of the Commission in Berlin... Decent work as a goal of the Post-2015 Agenda... Charter for the future of the BMZ... Statement on TTIP... Ukraine, Solidarity visit... Workshop in Bosnia - Herzegovina... Arms export policy, GKKE talk with Federal Minister Gabriel... Mr Merz and Dr Osner have passed away... JP Europe in Athen on human dignity and economic crisis (413 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.05.2014

    Newsletter Issue 25

    JP Commission in Trier... Declaration on the Crimean crisis... International specialist conference “Sweet fruits – good for everyone?”... “Defending Human Dignity and Human Rights” in The Hague... International workshop Burundi... Journey of the president to Afghanistan... JP Europe on youth unemployment (244 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.12.2013

    Newsletter Issue 24

    Post-2015 Agenda and human rights... Human rights and traditional values... On the crisis in Syria... JP Europe visiting Berlin... Intern. workshop in Burundi... Problems concerning religious freedom in Indonesia... Fair working conditions and coalition talks... Study day on dealing with the totalitarian heritage in Ukraine (231 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.06.2013

    Newsletter Issue 23

    Meeting of the JP Commission on the Post-2015-Agenda... Conference: Human Dignity and Hu man Rights, 07-09 February 2013... Solidarity trip Zimbabwe... 50 years Pacem in Terris... Armed drones... Conference on reforming the international fnancial system, Meeting of Pontifical Council... Poverty related diseases and development policy... Concerted action 2013 of JP Europe... Don Pino Puglisi beatified (343 KB)

  • JP in Kürze / Newsletter | 01.01.2013

    Newsletter Issue 22

    Meeting of the JP Commission in Berlin... International meeting of bishops in Bethlehem, Gaza and Amman... Talks with GEPA... Decent work as an objective of the post 2015-agenda... Consultation tour to Singapore and Hong Kong... Expert meeting on the human rights concept of BMZ... GKKE, 10 years of coherence discourse... GKKE Report on Arms Exports 2012 (1688 KB)


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